2 comments on “New Script Checkpoint System

  1. Hi! First of all, wellcome to the blogs-about-rgss3-ring thing! I’m also kind of new around here, and I’m really glad that you’ve added me to your links section, so I’ve added you back!

    On the other hand, this checkpoint makes you ‘respawn’ at a checkpoint, but how does it accomplish that? just teleporting the character there? Or with a quicksave-quickload system?
    If it only teleports you back, it’ll give problems for those who like to make complex event cinematics or multibattle scenes, or anything like this, as they’ll teleport off the enclosed event system used to start the battle with everything (variables, switches, shown images) at mid-run… ^^U

  2. It respawns by teleporting the character to the checkpoint. You raise a valid point about how it could bring problems to events. I will start working on kind of like a quicksave-quickload system for it.

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