Hi there I am Bravo2Kilo, you can call me Bravo or Bravo2. Im in the United States Army awaiting my ship date to go to Basic Training. So until I leave to go to Basic Training I plan on making scripts and posting them here on my blog. For me RPG Maker is a fun hobby and I enjoy making scripts, my favorite RPG Maker of the series would be RPG Maker VX Ace. Right now I don’t have many ideas for scripts, so if you have an script ideas, message me and I will consider making it.

If you would like contact me just send me a PM on RPGMakerWeb


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  1. have ben wanting to get into game making. been searching around for days for forums about how to write script. how to augment script. parallax. d flash animation. mmorpg design on rpg maker vx…(still in the works I guess. needs flash support. but I was interested in if you could take a look at the features available in 2d browser based system on roll20 and see if you could possibly help me understand scripting and maybe offer some of your time to help me create some. also I am looking into purchasing rpg maker vx ace for future fun projects. I am a 3d artist (hobbiest really…) and also am a 5 year vet. MOS 91B- all wheel vehicle mechanic stationed in PA. army. hoah! good luck to ya

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