Checkpoint System

Version: v1.0a

Last Update: 11/7/2012

Download Here: Script



This script adds a checkpoint system to the game. If the player dies, instead of a game over you will respawn at a checkpoint. This script also has a lives features, when you die you lose a life, if you have no lives you will get a game over.



Instructions on how to use are in the header of the script.


8 comments on “Checkpoint System

  1. Any chance you can add a message after a player revives at the checkpoint that says “you have been restored at a checkpoint” or whatever? It could say anything. I think it would be helpful after the player dies to get a message indicating why they have been put back somewhere on the map. Also, it could tell them what the restore cost was (gold, exp, etc.). Thanks!

    This was cross-posted aon the thread.

  2. you have to use ‘add_life(amount)’ and give lives initially as there is no default amount of lives at the start.

  3. I don’t quite understand how to use this script. Under a new event, I did activated by player touch, then I put in the script call “set_checkpoint”. Now I have no idea how to switch on the actual script. I don’t want to bother with the lives portion, I just want the game to reset to where I stepped on the set checkpoint event, but I can’t seem to figure out how to turn on the script.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  4. I have a couple questions for this.

    Do you simply copy and paste this on a blank script?

    Can you make it so that you respawn somewhere other than where you walk over the checkpoint? I want to make it so that when you walk into a city you activate a checkpoint that will spawn you at the town’s cathedral. Unless you walk into another city, you will continue to spawn at the cathedral of the last city you walked into.

    Lastly, how would one have no life limit?

    • @Onjo

      Yeah, it’s pretty much copy/paste however you will need to setup some initial values within the script itself.

      Make the set_checkpoint event within you cathedrals, and you will respawn at last one used.

      When you set the life limit (add_life) I would guess you could just set to some ridiculous amount such as 9999….hopefully they won’t go through that many lives in your game lol.

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