Hunger/Thirst/Sleep System

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Version: 1.0

Last Update: 11/18/2012

Download Here: Script



This script adds a hunger, thirst, and sleep deprivation system to the game. If the players hunger/thirst/sleep levels get to high its stats start to drop. If the players hunger/thirst/sleep levels reach max the player will die. This script is highly customizable, you can customize almost every aspect of the system.



Instructions on how to use are in the header of the script.


25 comments on “Hunger/Thirst/Sleep System

  1. Your script is extremely impressive. Correct me if I’m wrong, but to add new conditions, it would imply to almost editing entierly the script by adding new parameters etc.? Nevertheless, your script is excellent, I have yet to try it out. 😀

  2. I have made a variant with capacity gains, but… equipments would be a pain.
    If you wish to have it, my only cost for that version is attempt to get me fully unbanned.
    I was banned because of 2 theoretical reasons:
    (1) Not respecting sites laws.{basicly, a renegade. Think star wars – jedi side}
    (2) Asking for a gift of paid resources from the market.

    If you require more, I will be looking at the tutorials on equips, hoping for a good one to improve this script rather significantly.

  3. after i added the script in script editor, nothing happen when i start the game ….

    how to turn it on ?

    can you post pictures please ….

  4. This is going to sound weird, but is there anyway for this to work with ACE Item Menu ?
    I had it working then I placed the Other script in and it stopped working. So I know its a compatibility issue. But please tell me there is a way to fix it so they work together?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this .


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  6. I tried using this and it has an error in line 232 describing a undefined constant: Object::Game_Battler I have had many issues with scripts like this before and the error is normally blue on my computer, but it says that isn’t the error. Anyhow, when ever I get custom scripts they always bug, I don’t know if its something that I’m doing wrong (which it proboble is, considering how new I am to this) or something with the script, but if there is a special place to put it or something of the sorts please tell me, i am sorry to sound like such a non expeirenced person with this, but I am. All help is aprecciated as soon as possible, for i am doing this for a school project( I was doing a video with my friend, but his brother deleted it and i want a good grade etc. I know you don’t want to hear my life story) Anyway, I am sorry about the length but I’m not one of short words.

    • I did put it in the wrong place, but now I use the note tags but I can’t get the items and skills to work to deplete the status

  7. So, You would think there would be instructions on HOW TO TURN IT ON, but there aren’t. Guess I’m not using, fail man.

  8. Darn it, may I ask why this script make heavy lag even at empty large map (no event occur yet) …

    By the way, I used Falcao ABS, are there non compatibilities or what?

  9. Hi, i want to use the script but i need the intervals to be at 0.01 per step. I’m using pixel movement so every step is less tahn 1 block so the hunger/thirst runs up way to high. I set it at 0.01 for each and when i run it shows numbers like 0.145236 . How to have it round the numbers or perhaps have it set at percentage or have it just not show any numbers at all.

  10. Can every individual actor in the party have their own HUD displayed at the same time? I’m trying to figure that out.
    I want to be able to see all their hunger stats while playing the game instead of going through the menu options.

  11. I’m sorry ignorance.
    I put the script below: Variable Pictures.
    But it does not display anything.

  12. For those of you who were confused about how to turn this on. In the script settings there is a switch that needs to be turned on. The number on that switch represents an in game switch. So if you set the switch number to 100 and then have switch 100 activated in the game, then HUD will then be displayed.

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