Storage System

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Version: v2.0

Last Update: 10/24/2012

Download Here: Script   Demo



This script adds a storage feature to the game, allowing the player to store items and gold. This script also lets you have multiple storages.



Instructions on how to use are in the header of the script.


12 comments on “Storage System

  1. u try ti setup this but i could not, so let me ask some question,,

    where do i put
    open_storage(name, name_window, category, gold)
    # name = the name of the storage
    # name_window = (true or false)true to show the name window
    # category = (true or false)true to show the category window
    # gold = (true or false)true to show gold in the category window

    also when i add
    storage_add_item(name, type, id, amount)
    # storage_remove_item(name, type, id, amount)
    # name = the name of the storage
    # type = the type of item, can be(:item, :weapon, :armor)
    # id = the database id of the item
    # amount = the amount to add or remove

    what do you mean by id ? basically i want all items, so how i add them all ? and the type also ….

    also can you tell me about the other as well ….

    thanks for the script …

  2. It’s almost brilliant scripts. Good job. But game crashing when i put clear_storage(“name”) command in script. I downloaded demo but it crash in the same moment. When game try to clear storage.

  3. fore example 001 and 002 displayed correctly.but since around the middle of the base object,is offset by 4 in storage.for example item 018 show in storage as 015.

  4. Is there any way you could implement instantly removing items from a storage to inventory or adding all items from inventory to a storage through a script call?
    I’m trying to use this for multiple inventory usage but the process of checking how many items are in inventory and creating them in the storage one by one would take over a thousand different variable operations.

  5. Hey
    I downloaded the demo and just tried out, but whenever i do the little event you have made the game where you have to pay 10 Gold then you can open the chests, so when i do that and take the items out or leave without taken anything it comes with this error:
    ” Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 1411:ArgumentError occured.
    wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)

    And just to say it, i dont have added anything or edited the event or other stuff, just played the demo.

    Btw i dont have any exp in scripting.
    But thanks for the script though it workes great just the little thing in demo.

  6. Can you please add notetag option to store just selected type of items? For example, you’ve put notetag for items, and then you can have storage where only food items can be placed. Please!

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